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Our Workshops
We offer a variety of workshops in seven categories.  Click on a category to see descriptions of each workshop in the category. 

We customize each workshop to meet your specific needs.  This may include the addition or deletion of topics, activity changes, or a change in workshop duration, as required. We welcome your ideas and requests!

How We Ensure Quality
All of our workshops share proven features that ensure that our workshops are always engaging, never boring, and that they achieve the intended results.


Customized to your organization based on a needs assessment
  • Training addresses root causes
  • Training time may be shorter as unnecessary topics are eliminated

Based on behavioral, measurable learning objectives
  • Clients can specify exact outcomes needed from the workshop
  • Participants' learning achievements can be verified

 Based on the Principles of Adult Education
  •  The learning process is effective for adult learners
Designed using the Experiential Learning Model
  •  Learners gain confidence through a series of "Ah-ha!" moments

Incorporates learning activities preferred by each of the four key learning styles
  •  Workshops engage all learners, providing increased motivation, learning, and enjoyment

Hands-on activities and feedback are emphasized
  • Improved learning retention after the workshop
Workbooks are designed to as post-workshop reference guides

  • Support for learners as they apply newly-learned skill on-the-job

Learners evaluate each workshop for review by the consultant and client
  • Continuous improvement of our offerings
  • We ensure you are satisfied with the results


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