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Our Engagement Process
We use a 5-step process to ensure our engagement is a sound investment:


1. Needs Assessment

We learn about your organization’s context, goals and concerns with the aim of identifying the root causes of challenges. Methods we may use include:

Interviews or focus groups;                          Observation of meetings or work in progress;

Surveys;                                                       Self-Assessment Instruments;

Review of key documents;                           Quality Tools (Fishbone, Affinity, etc.)

Statistical Data Analysis;                              Business Process Mapping.

2. Outcome Planning

We work with you to identify the results you expect from engaging us, and prepare to evaluate at appropriate times to ensure everything stays on track. We can evaluate:
a. Your degree of satisfaction with our services and relationship (Reaction);

b. Participants’ ability to perform new skills or make appropriate choices (Learning);

c. Participants’ implementation of skills or choices on-the-job (Transfer); and,

d. The Impact of interventions on your organization's effectiveness.
3. Solution Design

We help you transform your resources into clear decisions, realistic plans, effective business processes, change readiness, practical skills, productive relationships, and accountability for results.
Our solutions are based on our expertise in group process design and facilitation, training design and facilitation, performance management, change management, business process improvement, project management, and human performance psychology.

We blend technical solutions with the tools required to make them “stick”. We incorporate people strategies that improve the acceptance and adoption of solutions. We work with your organization’s performance systems to ensure that people clearly understand, are motivated to perform, and take accountability for their new responsibilities.  We can also provide you with tools and metrics that enable you to assess performance and keep it on track over the long run.
4. Solution Delivery and Implementation

Based on our findings, we may provide a combination of the following:
  • Process Improvement: we work with your team to identify challenges with key organizational processes.  We then help the team improve and error-proof them.
  • Training: we design and facilitate workshops that provide people with the concepts, tools, skills, practice and feedback they need to perform effectively.
  • Group Facilitation: we design and facilitate conversations that enable people to develop solutions to organizational challenges. Groups may produce vision and strategy, solve problems, design implementation plans, revise processes or procedures, and/or improve relationships.
  • Coaching: we provide direct coaching support to individuals or groups learning to use new skills on-the-job.
  • System Customization: we can customize your systems for managing employee performance, organizational change, training, compensation, and business processes to better support your context, culture, and goals.

5. Evaluation & Follow-up

We meet with you during and after solution implementation. We share the issues raised, and what was learned. We will share strategies you can use to maintain the project's success.  Our goal is to ensure that your goals have been met.

The Right Fit

Scammell & Associates is supported by a select group of consultants located across Canada. Together, we ensure that each project is staffed with an optimal combination of skills, experience, and project management capability.

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