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Group Facilitation

Enhanced productivity through genuine, respectful conversation about the right issues

Our facilitators work with you to select issues, set goals, identify context, and craft an agenda of one hour to several days in length.  We expertly manage group dynamics to help your team achieve its goals with purpose and respect.  Your team will be proud of its accomplishments!

Team Building

We help teams to clarify, balance, and/or repair their goals, roles, processes, and interpersonal dynamics.  We can also help to bring back a fun, can-do spirit.

Process Improvement

We help teams to improve the business processes they use for the benefit of customers, team members, quality, and the bottom line.  Please see our Process Improvement page.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Need the team to creatively develop innovative ideas or approaches? Need to use a justifiable approach to making complex decisions?  Need to manage the politics of it all? We can help.

Managing Transitions

We help your team members to understand the process of personal transition during organization change, and to make the most of it.  We help team leaders develop best-practice plans for supporting both people and productivity during times of change.

Project Kick-off

We can help your project team to quickly clarify goals, define the scope, assess stakeholders, draft a project charter, create a timeline, clarify roles, agree on decision-making processes - all while building the team.  Fun, efficient, and productive!  

Strategy Development

We use a variety of tools to help your team review relevant information, explore scenarios and options, apply criteria, and choose satisfying outcomes.  Once strategy is chosen, we can also assist with building projects to support it.


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