Scammell & Associates Organization Development Consulting
Results through People and Processes

The Key to Great Results
You  have great people and the resources they need to be productive.  Why is it that targets are missed, errors are made, relationships suffer, or good people leave?

       Organizations are living systems
       They are made of people and processes with complex, interdependent relationships.  If one element changes, the entire organization adapts -
       sometimes in surprising ways.

       Every organization system is designed to achieve exactly the results it gets
       System relationships gradually evolve, drifting away from their original intent.  Many small changes can occur before we notice them and the counter- 
       productive results they cause.

      If you put good people in a misaligned system, eventually the system wins
       People can work against a misaligned system to achieve positive results. However, over time, it's exhausting and unrewarding.

Align the Goals, People, and Processes

Telling people to "Do better!" rarely leads to lasting change.

Instead, realign the system to support your goals. Strategically develop people and processes.  This makes positive results almost impossible to prevent.

                                   We provide system assessments and solutions focused on developing people and processes

Assessment and Recommendations

We check for alignment between your goals and your organization's system.  We recommend integrated, sustainable performance solutions. Solutions often include process improvement, training, and/or group facilitation.

We improve business processes to achieve higher quality, shorter turnaround time, fewer errors, and reduced cost. Our General Electric-trained-and-certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt can evaluate business processes, facilitate team-based process improvement sessions, or lead full Lean Six Sigma data-based projects.

We facilitate customized, engaging training that produces results. We also develop complete training packages and prepare your internal trainers to facilitate them. We specialize in Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Skills, Leadership Skills, Workplace Skills, Customer Service Skills, Group Facilitation Skills, and Training for the Trainer.

                Group Facilitation

Need to clarify goals or make decisions? Build the team? Clear the air?  We design and facilitate meetings that assist people to respectfully and creatively accomplish these objectives.

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